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The Car

ACCELERATION: Zero to 100 miles per hour in 0.8 seconds Zero to 275 miles per hour in 3.0 seconds Zero to 320 miles per hour in 4.6 seconds EXTERIOR: Wheelbase: 300 inches Length: 30 feet Weight: 2,225 lbs Body material One Piece Carbon Fiber CHASSIS: Brad Hadman: Seattle, Washington Suspension: Front-Ridged Mounted, Rear-Ridge Mounted Bell Housing: Trick Titanium Steering: Rack and pinion SPE Brakes: Disc Brakes Australia Wheels: American Racing Tyres Front: Goodyear Eagle 22.0 x 25 Tyres Rear: Goodyear Eagle 36.0 x17.0-16s Cockpit Gauges: Racepak ENGINE: Type: Aluminium Brad Anderson Bore and Stroke: 4.187 x 4.500 (500 c.i.) Compression: 6.8 Horsepower: 7,000 and up Maximum RPM: 8,300 Fuel Type: 95% Nitromethane Heads: Allan Johnson Valve Train: Dechellis Machine Valves: Victory Manifold: AJPE Rods: BME Pistons: BME Crankshaft: Bryant Ignition: MSD Spark Plugs: Champion Supercharger: PSI 14-71 Oil System: Waterman Cam Shaft: Crow Cams Oil: Castrol Oil Filter: K&N Filters CAPACITIES: Fuel: Nitromethane 80L Oil: Castrol 17L TRANSMISSION: Reverser: Rob Moore MISCELLEANEOUS: Parachute: Simpson Firesuit: Simpson Helmet: Simpson Paint: John Judd Industries Decals: Affective Signs