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The Team


Darren Morgan

Position: Owner/Driver

Nickname: Morgs

Born: 07/12/1965

Location: Mildura South, VIC

Occupation: DMR

Road Car: Chev Suburban

Favourite Movie: Shrek

Hobbies: Working

Years in Top Fuel: Lots

Years with DMR: 9


Natalie Morgan

Position: Logistics, Merchandise, Catering

Nickname: Nat

Born: 29/03/1968

Location: Mildura South, VIC

Occupation: Accounts Manager, DMR, University Student - Business/Marketing/Accounting

Road Car: Holden Statesman

Favourite Movie: How to train a dragon

Hobbies: Chasing children + Darren, reading

Years in Top Fuel: since 2004

Years with DMR: 9


Ben Patterson

Position: Tuner

Born: 27/07/1989

Location: Mildura, VIC

Occupation: Darren Morgan Racing

Hobbies: Drag Racing, fishing

Years in Top Fuel: 8

Years with DMR: 6


Rodney Sparrow

Position: Car Chief, Fuel

Nickname: Rod, Midget, Super model

Born: 23/06/1983

Location: Mildura, VIC

Occupation: Tafe Lecturer, Automotive technician

Road Car: Dodge Viper

Favourite Movie: Gone in 60 Seconds

Hobbies: Restoring cars, fishing, motorbikes, go karts and speedboats

Years in Top Fuel: 8

Years with DMR: 8

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Will Morgan

Position: Clutch

Nickname: Wilsonator

Born: 06/08/1996

Location: Mildura South, VIC

Occupation: Apprentice carpenter

Road Car: 318 Valient

Favourite Movie: Hangover 2

Hobbies: Drag racing

Years in Top Fuel: Since 2004

Years with DMR: Since 2007


Caitlyn Morgan

Position: Merchandise, Media, marketing

Nickname: Cait, Caity

Born: 18/02/1995

Location: Mildura South, VIC

Occupation: Journalist

Road Car: Honda Civic

Favourite Movie: Talladega nights

Hobbies: Drag Racing, Travelling

Years in Top Fuel: Since 2004

Years with DMR: Since 2007


Rory Morgan

Position: Parachute specialist and bottom end assistant

Nickname: RPM

Born: 28/02/2002

Location: Mildura South, VIC

Occupation: Student

Favourite Movie: Ice age 3

Hobbies: Baseball

Years in Top Fuel: Since 2004

Years with DMR: Since 2007


David Smith

Position: Clutch

Nickname: Dave

Born: 14/03/1992

Location: WA

Occupation: Heavy Diesel Mechanic

Road Car: HQ Premier

Favourite Movie: The gambler, Wolf on Wall Street, 2 fist 1 heart

Hobbies: Drag racing, Motorcross, boxing, surfing

Years in Top Fuel: Since 2011

Years with DMR: Since 2011


Norm Moylan

Position: Blower/ tyre cleaner

Nickname: Gnome

Born: 15/02/1954

Location: WA

Occupation: Mechanic - Workshop Owner

Road Car: Chrysler 300c Hemi, Daytona 675, WB ute

Favourite Movie: Pulp Fiction, Two lane blacktop

Hobbies: Top Fuel, Motor GP, Motorbikes, Music

Years in Top Fuel: 8

Years with DMR: since 2011


Steve Dale

Position: Right cylinder head

Nickname: Stumpy

Born: 6/01/1971

Location: Wodonga, VIC

Occupation: Service Manager

Road Car: Dodge Journey

Favourite Movie: Mad Max/ Pulp fiction

Hobbies: golf, building race cars

Years in Top Fuel: 21

Years with DMR: since 2011


Anthony Vloedmans

Position: left head

Nickname: Ant, Woggie, wog

Born: 31/03/1986

Location: Brisbane

Occupation: Mechanic

Road Car: 200 Suzuki carry van

Favourite Movie: Dirty Dancing

Hobbies: race cars, heavy lifting, keeping my girlfriend happy and working on my Torana

Years in Top Fuel: 2015/16 season

Years with DMR: 15/16 season


Derryn McGregor

Position: Bottom End

Born: November 1982

Location: Mildura

Occupation: Truck driver/ Diesel Mechanic

Road Car: Toyota Landcruiser

Hobbies: Drag racing, Skiing

Years in Top Fuel: 15/16 season

Years with DMR: 15/16 season


Marc O’Halloran

Position: Truck and tow driver

Nickname: farmer

Born: 11 March 1982

Location: Balranald

Occupation: Sheep and grain farmer

Road Car: Landcruiser ute

Favourite Movie: Apolo 13 and The Blind Side

Hobbies: truck driving

Years in Top Fuel: four

Years with DMR: since 2012


Matt Manley

Position: Car Chief

Nickname: Ranga

Born: 1973

Occupation: BMW technician

Road Car: Fully sic Hilux

Favourite Movie: Bad Boys

Hobbies: drag racing and farming

Years in Top Fuel: 12

Years with DMR: 10